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November 15, 2023 Green Valley Neighborhood

October 1, 2023 Paws on the Pike

September 18, 2023 Green Valley Day

August 20, 2023 Arlington County Fair

Pike Notes is periodically index 2updated to include new revitalizations, events, areas of interest and news happening along Columbia Pike.  All neighborhoods now have a page.

This site was started in September 2013 since then major areas of the Pike have been rebuilt. Most intersections have new buildings or they are in the process of being built.

The scope of the site has grown to include all of Colombia Pike within Arlington, Buildings, Businesses, Parks, Neighborhoods, Activities, Entertainment and more... The site now has over 70 pages.

There are four main areas that are being revitalized and need to adhere to the Form Based Code, they include the Western Gateway, Neighborhood Center, Village Center and the Town Center. I have separated parts of the menu to cover these areas. There are some areas on Columbia Pike which are not covered by the Form Base Code and Arlington did not include them in the following maps. All of each neighborhood that face the Pike are included along with Green Valley which does not face the Pike but is very close and is bordered by two Pike Neighborhoods.

Form Base Code Areas

I divided the menu into sections to reflect the following areas:

Western Gateway

The Western Gateway runs from the County Line at Carlin Springs to Greenbier Street to the North and Frederick to the South.

Neighborhood Center

The Neighborhood Center runs from South Greenbier Street / South Frederick Street to South Wakefield Street

Village Center

The Village Center runs from South Taylor Street to South Randolf Street.

Town Center

The Town Center runs from South Oakland Street to South Courthouse Road.
My pages for this area also includes the Pike from Courthouse to 395 and the edge if Arlington Cemetery.

I live just off Columbia Pike in Barcroft which is bordered by Columbia Pike, Arlington Blvd, 4 Mile Run and George Mason Blvd.