Westmont Shopping Center

Westmont Building to South Highland

April 5th, 2016
Town Center: Arlington Heights

Westmont Building, Columbia Pike

Westmont Professional Building

Next to the Westmont Shopping Center is a short strip of businesses. This strip is actually four buildings. The first one is the Westmont Professional Building, which houses Vaporfi at 3219, a vapor tasting bar and the Thai Square restaurant at 3217. Vaporfi is a fairly recent additional to the Pike but Thai Square has been at this location for many years. There are also a number of other businesses some of which are medical, that are behind and above.

 Columbia Pike
Columbia Pike

TMoble, Columbia Pike

Odds & Ends, TMoble & Chinese Carryout

The next building within the strip, which houses 3215 & 3213 has been vacant on and off for the last ten years. At the moment there are two businesses there . The first is Botanica which sells religious items, the other does not have a name and sells odds and ends including vapor and lottery tickets. In the third building is TMoble: Mobile Internet Services. 3211.

TMoble Phone and Good Fortune, Columbia Pike
tMoble, Columbia Pike


Across the street is Audi of Arlington at 3200.

Audi, Columbia Pike
Audi, Columbia Pike

Ethnic Food, Psychics & Tax Services

Right after the strip are three houses. I think that these originally were private homes. The first at 3209 houses the Good Fortune Restaurant whose frontage appears to be cut in half by the TMoble building . The next at 3207 is home to the Panda Bowl a Chinese restaurant , the next is Toscana Grill, Italian food, which just moved in at the end of 2015 and the final restaurant in this building is City Kabob a Curry House is at, 3205. In the next building at 3203 and Is a Psychic and MT Tax Service. Next door in the same building is another commercial property which appears to be vacant. There seems to be a very quick turnover of these businesses. Since I first did this page the Toscana Grill and the Tax Service has moved out and now there is Flamingo an Ethiopian Restaurant and Mongol Nomads which is an Asian fusion carry out restaurant.

Panda Bowl, Toscanna Grill, City Kabob, Columbia Pike
Psychic, Columbia Pike

Panda Bowl, Toscanna Grill, City Kabob, Columbia Pike
Mongal Nomads, Columbia Pike

Pines of Italy

Next in the block is The Pines of Italy at 3111 which has just gone out of business. There has been quite a few problems which involved an entertainment permit for a nightclub on the property read more at ArlNOW.
Late in 2016 the business changed hands. It is now an Ethiopian Restaurant called Purple Lounge.

Purple Lounge, Columbia Pike
Pines of Italy, Columbia Pike

Purple Lounge, Columbia Pike UPDATE: April 2017
Now its definitely purple.

Mrs Chen's Kitchen

Mrs Chen's Kitchen.

Mrs Chen's Kitchen, a Chinese Restaurant at 3101 is at the end of the block next to South Garfield Street. This restaurant  opened  in the 1970tys.
Mrs Chen's Kitchen
Mrs Chen's Kitchen



The buildings that include 3201 through 3215 were all built in 1939 each building is a duplex. In the fifties at least one of them had a garden with a white picket fence. At later dates extensions were added, some in the back the others in the front, the only one that does not have an extension is 3203 - 3201. 3205 - 3207 had the extensions added to the back of the building behind 3205. The duplex for 3209 (Good Fortune) and 3211 (tMoble) only has the extension on the front of 3211. TMobile's east wall ends at the center of Good Fortune and you can see that the roof of Good Fortune extends to the western edge of 3211. Next door another section was also added to the front-of the duplex that houses 3213 and 3215.

Back of TMoble
Westmont Building, Columbia Pike

Westmont Building

The building at 3019-3017 opened in 1939. Although the building resembles the other duplexes it is slightly different in that the entrances are higher and required steps. The roof has also been raised. The main entrance to the businesses in the back and above is at the back of the extension on the west side of the building. The Westmont Building which is the extension in front of the original building was built in 1950 . The Westmont Professional Center includes the original building.

Back of Westmont Building
Westmont Building, Columbia Pike

Columbia Pike

Vaporfi, Casa & Capital Jewelers

Vaporfi at 3219 replaced Casa Furniture which in turn had replaced Capital Jewelers.

Capitol Jewelers had been at this location for many years. Unfortunately there was robbery on July 30, 2012 in which the owner of the jewelery store, 52-year-old Tommy Wong was shot dead.
@SRtwofourfour :     RIP Tommy Wong - you were kind and thoughtful arlNow Candlelight Vigil

Tai Square Etc.

Tai Square restaurant has been at 3217 for many years. The next building, 3215 - 3213 has housed a numbers of businesses including a Psychic but quite often they have been vacant. TMoble replaced the Hair Cuttery which in turn moved to Penrose Square. The other duplexes have housed a numbers of restaurants including a Pines of Italy, although at that time the Pines had a different owner than the Pines at 3111. Mrs. Chen's Kitchen has been at its present location since th 70tys

The Purple Ethiopian Restaurant and Lounge


There have been a number of problems at this location. Mainly with the Pines of Italy. Neighbors have complained of too much noise and crime and the county has revoked the entertain license more than once. ArlNOW Controversy Over Entertainment Permit Before the Pines of Italy there was La Liberia an Ethiopian restaurant. And now that Pines of Italy is going out of business there is soon to be another Ethiopian restaurant; The Purple Ethiopian Restaurant and Lounge.

Brown's Used Car, Columbia Pike

Audi's & Brown's

There have been car dealerships at 3200 for some time. Before Audi's of Arlington there was Brown's Used Car Supper Center and before that Brown's Nisson.