Getting Started

August 1, 2018
Quite a few people have told me that they were confused with the name Barcroft Notes because they thought that the site only covered the Barcroft Neighborhood. In order for there to be no confusion the name of the site has been changed to Pike Notes,
December 2014
Since I first wrote this introduction (below) Arlington Mill Community Center has been completed and the Streetcar has been canceled . The scope of the site has grown to include all of Colombia Pike, Buildings, Businesses, Parks, Activities, Entertainment and more..

September 22, 2013
This site was started in order to document the changes that are happening along Columbia Pike in Arlington, Virginia. From time to time other information will be added about certain aspects of the rest of the county.

The Pike is in the process of being revitalized (neighborhood plans). Most intersections will have new buildings on at least one corner and and there will be a lot of revamping in between. There are four main areas that are being revitalized they include the Western Gateway, Neighborhood Center, Village Center and the Town Center. There are two areas that are not included in the revitalization which are the areas between South Randolf Street to South Jefferson Street and from South Courthouse Road to the Pentagon. Even though these areas are not part of the reivitalization I will eventually include these areas in this site.


Areas designated and named by Arlington County:

Western Gateway

The Western Gateway runs from the County Line at Carlin Springs to Greenbier Street to the North and Frederick to the South.

Neighborhood Center

The Neighborhood Center runs from South Greenbier Street / South Frederick Street to South Wakefield Street

Village Center

The Village Center runs from South Taylor Street to South Randolf Street.

Town Center

The Town Center runs from South Oakland Street to South Courthouse Road.

One of the first major projects was Penrose Square, at Barton Street which will serve as the Town Square and the next major change is the new Arlington Mill Community Center at Dinwiddie St which is still under construction. And although there have been delays, at some point we should be getting streetcars that will travel along the Pike from Pentigon City to Bailys Crossroads.

I live just off Columbia Pike in Barcroft which is bordered by Columbia Pike, Arlington Blvd, 4 Mile Run and George Mason Blvd.

Judith Desplechin