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Restaurant Row - Town Center

May 5, 2015 UPDATED Fall 2016 Updated March 2017 Updated April 2019
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Dry Cleaners Columbia Pike

Blanca Restaurant

The building on the corner of S. Walter Reed at 2900 Columbia Pike was white for many years and has been vacant for some time. The last business to occupy this space was the Blanca Restaurant. The building has an Historic Designation. Many years ago Jake White's Peoples Bank opened on this corner which in time became the Old Dominion Bank. In 1948 the Old Dominion Bank moved to another location. library

Dry Cleaners Columbia Pike
Some time ago the owners applied to the Historical Affairs and Landmark Review Board to make some minor changes to the exterior. The Review Board supplied some design suggestions.
Update March 3, 2017
Major renovations began In the fall of 2016 to both the interior and exterior. Except for the color which is now gray the exterior appears to be the same (photo of gray building and outside taken in June 2018).

Brickhaus Columbia Pike
Brickhaus Columbia Pike

Update April 2019

The restaurant owners have now changed. The Brickhaus is now Rebellion.

Rebellion, Columbia Pike
Rebellion, Columbia Pike

Arlington Hardware Store / Brennan's Irish Pub

The facade from the Arlington Hardware Store at 2910 Columbia Pike , which is now Brennan's,  an Irish pub and restaurant also has an Historical Designation. When the Avalon formerly Halstead Building which was built behind the businesses was being developed the facade was preserved.

Brennan's Irish Pub closed May 2017

Lost Dog Cafe and ABC Liquor Store

Before this block was renovated the Arlington Free Clinic was at 2926 Columbia Pike it was replaced by a new section which is part of the Avalon development. The new section now houses the Lost Dog Cafe at 2920 Columbia Pike and the ABC Liquor Store at 2940 Columbia Pike. Once the Hal stead (now Avalon) Building was completed the Arlington Free Clinic moved in on the 11th street side of that building.

The Lost Dog Cafe specializes in Gourmet Pizzas and much more. In the spring of 2001, the owners of the Café, Pam Salween and Ross Underwood, formed their own rescue foundation, Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation, which helps homeless dogs and cats.

Brennans, Lost Dog Cafe and ABC Liquor, Columbia Pike
Brennan's Irish Pub, formerly Arlington Hardware now vacant. Lost Dog Cafe and ABC Liquor

Ram Dry Cleaners

Ram Dry Cleaners and  Beatriz International

The next building has been there for some  years. At 3008 Columbia Pike is Ram Dry Cleaners, which specializes in Leather and Fur Cleaning as well as regular dry cleaning.
Beatriz international is a Hair Salon and Barber Shop and is housed at 3014 Columbia Pike. Previously this business was named Izalco Barber Shop and Beatriz Hair Salon

Rencome Restaurant Columbia Pike

Rincome Restaurant

The Rincome Restaurant specializes in Tai cuisine at
3030 Columbia Pike
Days Inn Columbia Pike

Days Inn

The Days Inn has the same address as the Rincome Restaurant. They are both in the same building but are different businesses.

Although the address for Days Inn is Columbia Pike the access is actually on S. Highland. In this block there is a very high concentration of business especially restaurants. Most of the restaurants are on the North Side of the street.