Question About the Pike - Democratic Debate

Last night at the Democratic Debate the candidates were asked the question:

Do you think service or different options are needed on the Pike if so what, where, when and how?
The following is in the order that the candidates answered the question:

Peter Fallon

It is still a problem but it should be our top priority . The changes should be made within the time-frame that we had for the streetcar.

Christian Dorsey

Transportation on the pike should reach all parts of the county. It is very important that it bring customers to the businesses along the Pike and enhance the experience on the Pike.

James Landers

A continuous Circular for Baileys Crossroads, Columbia Pike, Shirlington and Rosslyn.

Katie Cristol

The service needs to be effective and reliable. We also need to enhanced the experience for both foot traffic and bikes.

Bruce Wiljanen

A regional system to manage buses in an up-to-date manner in coordination with Alexandria.

Andrew Schneider

This will take another conversation. Maybe something that no one has dreamed of yet. I am committed to finding a solution with you.

Affordable Housing

There was a segment on affordable housing the Pike was not specifically mention except that it was noted that the Western section of the Pike had a disproportion of affordable housing. The disproportion was also discussed during the CPRO Columbia Pike Future Forum in April.